Your old desk lamp may work, but having a Pixel Lamp or the WET Lamp is just so much cooler. So treat yourself to some innovative lamp designs that just may give you some ideas on how to decorate your desk. Continue reading to see more.

Pixel Lamp

At first glance, the base of this lamp may look like a real Duck Hunt cartridge, but it’s actually custom-built from cardboard. The lamp shade was picked up at a local store for just $2, decorated with pixelated fun foam shapes, and lastly, glued down. While the NES Zapper was gutted, and then fitted with the parts needed for the lamp to function.

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Speaker Lamps

How about a new way hang your speakers? Even audiophiles will agree that mounting speakers for the perfect soundstage isn’t the easiest of tasks, so these speaker lamps aim to make things a bit easier — sound is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth. Best of all, its integrated LEDs are perfect for illuminating any room.

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3D Lamp

Created with a 3D laser printer, the Cosmic Lamp blends “technology and art, also serving to create quite a spectacular display of light.” Unfortunately, you’ll need an industrial sized 3D printer, like the pricey , to build one yourself in the comfort of your own home.

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WET Lamp

Sure, it may have a DIY look, but this WET lamp is far from normal. Encased in glass and then submerged under water, this lamp’s bulb is controlled by pulling a thin silver rod. Though it may look dangerous, the WET lamp is completely safe, thanks to a low voltage power system.

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GloFab Fiber Optic Lamp

Using hundreds of fiber optic strands, the GloFab lamp illuminates any room. That’s not all, users can even reshape the strands. Replacing burnt out strands may be another story, or you can just replace the unit altogether.

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Paperclip Lamp

Taking a cue from an actual paperclip, designer Ben Collette incorporated its shiny, twisty characteristics into a desk lamp. For energy efficiency, this lamp uses a row of LED lights. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

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