Robot Drummer

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a robotic “smart arm” that musicians wear on the shoulder, which can result in epic drum solos. It follows the drummer, and is able to quickly switch between the ride cymbal and the floor tom depending on which other parts the drummer is using, while also changes tempo on the fly. Integrated accelerometers and motors help keep the smart arm on beat. Continue reading for close-up images of the robotic drumming arm. Click here to view a few bonus images of creative and geeky guitars.

Robot Drumming Arm
Robot Drumming Arm

“The builders programmed the arm using motion-capture technology to give it human-like movements. The Georgia Tech researchers aren’t content to just let a robot arm with a robot brain figure out how to be a rock star all by itself. The next challenge for the project is to control the arm using the drummer’s brain patterns. Weinberg sees the same technology expanding into medical and other technical fields where it would be useful to have an extra helping hand,” reports CNET.


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