Instrument 1

Instrument 1 is when violin, guitar, cello and keyboard are all combined into a single, digital instrument. It basically consists of a board that resembles the fretboard of an electric guitar, complete with six pressure- and velocity-sensitive ridges instead of strings, with a volume and mode knob, as well as bridge buttons, on one end, and speakers on both. A built-in accelerometer allows the device to be aware of its orientation. Continue reading for a video and the Kickstarter page.

Its designer, Artiphon, claims that Instrument 1 can be whatever you’d like by programming new instruments via the companion app, which you can also be used to write and record music. That’s not all, it’s compatible with numerous music-making apps and software, including Apple’s Garageband – just anything that is MIDI-compatible, across PC, Mac and mobile devices, connecting via Lightning connector or USB. Kickstarter page.

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