International Space Station ISS Passing Sun
Photo credit: Mehmet Ergun
Amateur astrophotographer Mehmet Ergun managed to capture a perfectly timed photo of the International Space Station passing in front of the Sun. It may be perfectly timed, but this wasn’t just luck, as he planned the shot about three weeks ago and the fourth ISS transit photo he’s captured. It garnered so much attention that NASA even shared the photo in their Instagram Story, as such a photo requires the perfect weather, visibility, equipment, location, time and some technical know-how. Read more for a video, the full image, and additional information.

Measuring 357-feet long, the ISS is the largest manmade object put into space, and a powerful telescope is required to be able to capture its journey. Mehmet attached a camera that captured over 30 individual frames of the spacecraft traversed from one edge to the other. The Sun appeared to move very quickly since he used a high focal length and small sensor.

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International Space Station ISS Passing Sun