Boston-based inventor Steve Hollinger has unveiled Squito, a throwable gadget fitted with three panoramic cameras. As this device is thrown from one person to another, the built-in cameras take multiple airborne photos over the full course of the trajectory. It utilizes integrated orientation sensors to seamlessly stitch together multiple pictures to create a single panoramic aerial shot. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Squito is the size of a tennis ball and is fitted with three cameras, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) – or orientation sensor – a microcontroller and image processor. Hollinger’s patent describes the ball-shaped camera as having position sensors that can detemine whether the camera is spiraling or spinning as well as the location of the subject.

Stabilizers also mean that the images taken don’t appear blurred or out of focus. Squito is also capable of registering the individual frames captured in a sequence. The camera can then use all of these features to create a seamless panoramic aerial photo.