ISS Astronaut Christmas Day Cookies
Photo credit: Zero G Kitchen
Astronauts are not able to experience a home-cooked meal in space aboard the International Space Station, since their prepped food is cooked in briefcase-like “food warmers” strapped to the walls. That all changed this past Christmas day, as many astronauts enjoyed baking freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, thanks to a three-way partnership between space-outfitter NanoRacks, hotel-chain DoubleTree by Hilton, and ZeroGKitchen, a New York City startup. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to eat any of them. Read more for two videos and additional information.

NanoRacks Senior Internal Payload manager Mary Murphy, the project manager for the new oven, said the astronauts snapped pictures and recorded the results as they removed them from the oven. Once the data has been recorded, three of the five cookies will be returned to Earth, while the other two will get tossed in the trash.