Autohome Maggiolina

At first glance, it looks like a large flat suitcase strapped onto a car’s roof, but once you pop the package open, you’ll be able to sleep inside comfortably. Introducing the Autohome Maggiolina. A carbon fiber accessory that mounts directly onto existing rails or roof bars of a vehicle without any special equipment. Despite how it looks, the actual tent is quite spacious to say the least, with enough room for a small bedding set to sleep comfortably in the wilderness. To ensure durability, the fabric used is Dralon from Bayer Textiles, offering water and wind protection while remaining breathable at the same time. It folds and unfolds in just 45-seconds, thanks to a handy crank. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“If you think you need to spend too much for this, it doesn’t come too expensive. The small camper with the capacity for two people asks you to shell out $4,799 and the bigger one with ample space for two adults and a child comes with a price tag of $5,599, excluding shipping charging,” reports Autochunk.

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