Freebord Snowboard Streets

It may look like a skateboard, but Freebord provides is a whole new experience, thanks to its 6-wheeled design, with central axis wheels that turn in every direction. These two additional wheels have been attached to the baseplate of each truck to let riders slide on the board, mimicking the side-to-side motion of riding a snowboard. It also has a pair of S2 bindings that help the board stay attached to the riders feet when airborne. As you’re about to see, it does take some practice before you’re competent enough for tricks. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

“Every Freeboard has two additional wheels which can spin 360 degrees, which is what allows it to be maneuvered like a skateboard. Not only that, but there are bindings that keep your feet on the board while you are riding for increased performance and control. Whether you are carving down a hill or getting technical with some flat ground tricks; you won’t have to worry about losing contact with the deck of the board,” says the The Surfboard Man.


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