Mercedes-Benz F 015

Mercedes-Benz has created some outlandish concepts in the past, but the F 015 trumps them all. With a futuristic spaceship-inspired exterior made from carbon-fiber, aluminum and high-strength steel, the F 015 boasts self-driving technology as well as a hybrid system it can travel up to 685-miles on a single charge. Inside, there are four rotating swivel chairs, touchscreen panels and a panoramic roof that’s perfect for stargazing. Continue reading for the live reveal video from CES 2015, more pictures and additional information.

“The F015 has large 26-inch wheels which are placed right in the corner of the vehicle, to maximise the amount of space inside.Inside there are four pedestal seats, which rotate 30 degrees when the doors are opened and then move back to a straight position when the car moves. While the car is self-driving, it can project lights on to the road using its LED headlights to let pedestrians know when to cross. The car can also switch to manual mode if you don’t want it to do all the driving, with the driver’s seat spinning to face forwards,” reports The Daily Mail.

[The Daily Mail]

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