Snowboarder Home Mountains

Mike Basich, a professional snowboarder from California, has traveled all over the world, but he prefers to live closer to the slopes. So, he built this tiny 225-square-foot home in the middle of his 40-acre property near Truckee, Calif. This project, called “Going off the Grid” took him five years to complete…”two and half years to do all the rock work. I think I moved about 175 ton of rock,” according to Basich. Since it’s in such a remote location, there’s no land-bsaed Internet (satellite still a possibility), no indoor plumbing, and no traditional electricity. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Mike Basich Home

Basich adds: “It gave me the strength to do everything myself. The project was fulfilling a childhood dream. I go to bed with the sun and wake up with it. I don’t feel like I’m trying to race time. Like in a city you always feel like you are in a rat race. And here it feels like you are in sync with what is actually happening.”


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