Vintage Teardrop Camper Trailer

At first glance, these look like simple vintage teardrop camping trailers, but open everything up, and you’ll want to travel the world. Designed by “Vacations in a Can”, they not only build these custom trailers, but also also repair and restore other them as well. While they look basic, they do provide ample sleeping room for 2 adults along with a complete kitchen (2 burner propane stove, cooler, coffee maker, cutting board and more) located out back. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Who are the folks behind Vacations In A Can? Co-owner Joseph (Joe) Kosareff is the ‘in-the-shop’ mastermind, a master woodworker, and the creative force behind our little teardrop gems. Joe has built custom kitchens and cabinets as well as unique fine furniture with domestic and exotic woods. He also has a detailed understanding of steel and aluminum construction and fabrication through his many years in the sign industry�making him the perfect designer and builder of teardrop trailers. And just like his custom kitchens and artistic furniture designs, Joe carefully crafts each teardrop to exacting standards that satisfy both the rigors of the road as well as the demanding attention to detail that custom orders require,” says the company.

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