Superhero Bookends

Israel-based design studio Artori Design have revealed Book & Hero and the Supershelf. This clever bookend and floating shelf were designed to make it seem like they’re being saved by a familiar caped superhero, but they’re actually just clever illusions, created using strong magnets. We wouldn’t be surprised if a Batman version pops up before the movie is released in March next year. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

“With Book & Hero, the bounty of books are laid against an angled stand, with one kept open so its cover conceals the shelf. The flying superhero is attracted to the frame, and it’s as if his stance alone is keeping the books from toppling over. Supershelf works in a similar way – the selfless silhouette is attached to the bottom of an invisible, vertically-aligned shelf, which gives the illusion that he’s suspended in midair and seemingly using his strength to keep the books aloft,” according to My Modern Met.