Melting Wax House

At first glance, this looks like a typical house you’d see in London, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s actually melting. That’s right, as part of the 2014 MERGE Festival in the city’s Bankside district, artist Alex Chinneck built a 2-story house sculpture with 8,000 wax bricks. The festival kicked began on September 18, and it’s been melting ever since. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Melting House

Design Boom says, “Each brick has been cast in paraffin wax within beds of terracotta sand, a method which renders both individuality and a unified color palette. Over the last year, the artist has collaborated with chemists, manufacturers and engineers to develop visually convincing bricks that manipulate in the most sculptural effective way. Melted manually, the house softens through the use of a handheld heating apparatus – commonly used in roofing applications – providing creative control over the artwork’s appearance and duration.”


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