LEGO fans rejoice!. Soon you’ll be able to sail aboard a mega yacht that was inspired by both LEGO and skyscrapers. Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, swimming pools, a staircase that doubles up as a stage and glass elevators. It was created by designer Lujac Desautel’s and boasts 5,600 square feet of roaming space and twin hulls. According to Desautel, “Each floor is entirely dedicated to maximizing the amount of living space for guests and crew on board.” Similar to a skyscraper, glass is used to reflect the surrounding area (in this case, the ocean) and an elevator makes up its core, passing through the crew pantries, a wine cellar, sick berth, kitchen, and day heads. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

The Daily Mail reports: “Nominated for Young Designer of the Year by Boat International Media, Lujac Desautel’s design, entitled GLASS, is built upon a SWATH (Small Water-plane Area Twin Hull) platform. Desautel’s website describes the vessel as ‘the re-examination of the traditional yacht typology which is typically defined by its longitudinal linearity, creating much longer and sleek sculptural forms’ and ‘an homage to the skyscraper and a reflective canvas to the sea’.”

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