Church Mexico Appears

Photo credit: AP / David von Blohn

Due to a major drought in southern Mexico, water levels have dropped so much that a 400-year-old colonial church emerged. The water levels around the abandoned 16th Century church in Chiapas are so low that the place of worship is now visible above the water. The church, called “Temple of Santiago” or “The Temple of Quechula”, disappeared beneath 100-feet of water after a dam was erected in the late 60s to make the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

“The church was built due to its position along an important highway built and used by Spanish conquistadors. It was a church built thinking that this could be a great population center, but it never achieved that. It probably never even had a dedicated priest. The church is also surrounded by the submerged town of Quechula,” according to Bored Panda.


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