Narrowest Home

Nestled between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland, the Keret House is touted as the world’s narrowest home, measuring just 36 inches across at its narrowest point and 48 inches at its widest. It was created by Israeli writer and film maker Etgar Keret, who managed to raise 70,000€ ($80,000+USD) for the project and began the construction in collaboration with the Polish Art Foundation. He says: “This was the biggest challenge of my life, because I’ve never done something as narrow.” Once completed in October 2012, the Keret House stands today as a two-floor iron structure, with a total floor space of only 46 square meters. Continue reading for a video tour and more information.

“The house does not offer much in terms of luxury, but does feature all the amenities of modern-day living. The bedroom consists of a single cot stuck in between two walls, while the bathroom is nothing more than a toilet with a shower head directly above it. Although there’s a small kitchenette, it barely has any space to chop, wash or cook. And eating leftovers is out of the question because the tiny refrigerator can accommodate only two drinks at a time. Keret cannot even invite friends for a meal – the dinner table sticks out of the wall and has only two fixed seats,” according to Oddity Central.

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