Japan Underwater City

We have seen the future of housing, and it’s all underwater. The futuristic image you see above were envisioned by the Shimizu Corporation in Tokyo, in partnership with Tokyo University and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (Jamstec). This $26-billion underwater city, called the “Ocean Spiral”, features a globe that would float at the surface of the sea, but could be submerged in inclement weather. A spiral structure plunges to depths of up 2.5 miles (4km), forming a path 9-miles to a building on the ocean floor, which could serve as a resource development factory that could collect rare metals and rare earths. Continue reading for more images and information.

“Shimizu Corp.�s vision of the modern-day Atlantis is divided into three parts, with the underwater city contained in a 1,600-feet-wide sphere that could house up to 5,000 residents and comprise mixed-use developments where people can live, work, and play,” reports Inhabitat.