Hand-Carved Caverns

This may look like an alien planet, but it’s just the work of artist Ra Paulette, who has spent the last decade hand-carving elaborate caverns in New Mexico. Paulette doesn’t use any heavy machinery, just simple hand tools. The walls are a blend of his own unique infusion of organic-looking shapes and abstract, with interlocking patterns. These are accented by the neutral sunlight that shines in during good weather. Continue reading for more images and information.

Handcarved Caverns

“Paulette began digging caves as commission work, but he has since started working on his own and is currently engaged in a single ten-year project. Describing the exercise of carving as “the dance of digging,” he sees not only the space as expressive, but also the process. At the end of each year-long work, Paulette leaves us with labyrinthine halls he hopes will inspire contemplation, combining an inner and outer journey,” reports My Modern Met.