For a rugged, waterproof MP3 headset that can be used for just about any physical activity, look no further than the JLab WAVE. It features plug-and-play functionality along with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Product page. Continue reading for our full review, complete with hands-on pictures.

Hands-On Pictures

Frustration-Free Packaging

Rather than encapsulate the headset in a plastic shell, JLab ships each WAVE headset in its own frustration-free package. What this means is that the entire package is recyclable, without excess packaging materials such as plastic clamshell casings, bindings, etc. It can be opened without a box cutter or knife.


At first glance, it may look like a normal wireless headset, but the WAVE is actually a fully functional MP3 player. Simply plug this device into your computer with the included USB cable, drop up to 600 songs into the built-in 2GB of storage, and you’re set to rock while exercising. On a full charge, expect up to 10-hours of continuous play. Inside the box, you’ll also find extra soft noise isolating tips (7 pairs) and an extra USB port cover.

During our test, we found it extremely easy to load songs onto the WAVE, and audio quality was excellent for the price — currently on sale for $49.95. The headset supports both MP3 / WMA files and can definitely stand up to a beating, as well as being drenched with sweat during a nice hike on a hot summer day. We highly recommend these headsets for anyone with an active lifestyle looking for a music player that is reasonably priced.