Karma Revero

This Karma Revero may look familiar, and that’s because it was formerly known as the Fisker Karma. Chinese company Wanxiang has revived this electric sports car, and it’s now powered by a GM-sourced turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 260-horsepower, while offering an on-board charger that is 6.6 kW in capacity. The new 21.4 kWh main battery has enough power to provide the hybrid with an electric-only rage of about 50-miles – combined range of 300-miles. The new infotainment system offers a new touchscreen and high-definition cluster, running at 60 frames per second, with future support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Click here to view more images of the Revero. Continue reading for the official unveiling video and more information.

“The Revero also now uses a more advanced solar roof which depending on weather conditions, can provide the car with up to 1.5 miles of electric range per day. While that doesn’t sound like much, it’s the first time a solar roof has been used to charge a production vehicle’s battery, rather than solely providing energy to in-car accessories,” reports Car Scoops.