Long-Exposure Fog

Photo credit: Lorenzo Montezemolo

Photographer Lorenzo Montezemolo hiked up Mount Tamalpais at dusk, and managed to capture a breathtaking 3-minute long-exposure photo of fog flowing like a river over Marin County, California under a full moon. “This weeks full moon illuminated the incoming fog perfectly. This wasn’t the easiest spot to get to, but the effort was 100% worth it. I chose to use a long exposure in order to give the incoming fog a smooth, striated appearance as it slithered over the ridge below. For the past year I’ve been crossing the Golden Gate Bridge several times a week to photograph the beautiful landscapes, seascapes and fog of Marin County, just north of San Francisco” said Lorenzo. Continue reading for an incredible time-lapse video of fog rolling into Portland, Oregon.

Named after the city on the coast of Maine, Portland began to be populated in the 1830s near the end of the Oregon Trail. Its water access provided convenient transportation of goods, and the timber industry was a major force in the city’s early economy. At the turn of the 20th century, the city had developed a reputation as one of the most dangerous port cities in the world, a hub for organized crime and racketeering.