KAT WALK C Virtual Reality Headset Treadmill
KAT VR unveils their latest product, and it’s called KAT Walk C. This VR treadmill provides omnidirectional movement for gamers, complete with 0.69m2 of walking space that is to be used in conjunction with special shoes as well as a harness system to keep you safely in one place. The adaptive harness enables you to walk, run, crouch and more in virtual reality games, thanks to a multi-layer reverse-tightening system that not only helps you get securely fastened, but also improves the harness contiguity to your body. Read more for a video and additional information.

KAT Walk C also comes bundled with KAT Gateway, which is software that enables you to easily access the control panel for the device from either your computer or VR headset. That’s right, you’ll be able to quickly adjust all the parameters in only a matter of seconds, and it can be done without ever leaving the virtual world. A Kickstarter campaign will be revealed soon, with “early-bird” set at $699 plus shipping.

HTC Vive Pro Eye Virtual Reality System
4,045 Reviews
HTC Vive Pro Eye Virtual Reality System
  • PRECISION EYE TRACKING - Consistent, accurate eye movement tracking and analysis for creative and commercial purposes
  • USER ANALYTICS - Uncover actionable insights about your users experience in VR using heatmapping, gaze tracking, and other interactions
  • FOVEATED RENDERING - Optimize graphic fidelity in the user's line of sight reducing rendering workloads on GPUs
  • TOP-TIER VISUAL FIDELITY - Deliver breathtaking graphics, text & textures in simulations
  • COMFORT & BALANCE - Built to accommodate a wide range of head sizes and vision types for extended sessions in VR