Kawasaki RHP Bex Robotic Goat
Kawasaki’s RHP Bex is not an animatronic machine designed for theme parks, but rather a real robotic ibex that you can ride. The company came up with the idea after seeing that humanoid robots have the same shape as humans, so why not create a self-propelled service robot that moves on wheels, but with legs still suitable for moving on rough terrain.

This robot boasts hybrid mobility system that consists of knee-mounted wheels that can roll around to move more quickly on smooth surfaces as well as standard legs. Riders can hop onto the seat and use its handlebars for extra stability. When not riding around on the ibex, it can transport loads of up to 100 kilograms to construction sites.

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So, halfway between humanoid robots and wheeled robots, [we] wondered if there was an opportunity. That’s why we started developing Bex, a quadruped walking robot. We believe that the walking technology cultivated in the development of humanoid robots can definitely be applied to quadruped walking robots,” said Kawasaki.


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