Moley Robotics Robotic Kitchen
Invented by Russian mathematician and computer scientist Mark Oleynik, the Moley Robotics kitchen robot does it all. That’s right, this is claimed to be the “world’s first robot kitchen” and can cook recipes from scratch as well as clean up afterwards. Unfortunately, it will be out of reach for most consumers, as the robot is priced at over $390,000 USD. On the bright side, anyone who does purchase this system will be able to enjoy gourmet meals daily without the mess.

Featuring two robotic arms with fully articulated hands that were developed in collaboration with German robotic company Schunk, the robot kichen is capable of retrieving ingredients from a smart fridge, adjust stove top temperature, use the sink to fill pans, pour things, mix ingredients and plate everything up just as a master chef would. Chefs Nicole Pisani and Andrew Clarke have prepared 30 recipes for the launch, and more will be added over time, with the ultimate goal being over 5,000 dishes.

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What you are looking at here is the world’s first consumer robotic kitchen. Like all breakthrough technologies – cars, televisions and computers – it will appeal to enthusiasts, professionals and early adopters, and is priced accordingly. We anticipate that our pricing will be reduced significantly over time with production volume, efficiencies and economies of scale,” said the company at the Gulf information technology exhibition in Dubai.



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