Kawasaki Ultra 310

Unlike other jet skis, the Kawasaki Ultra 310-series comes equipped with a supercharged, 4-stroke 1,498cc engine that produces 310-horsepower, and utilizes an air-to-water intercooler. At 1,047 pounds, the craft is good for hours of fun, thanks to its 21-gallon fuel tank. For those who’d like some entertainment while riding, Kawasaki’s new JETSOUND audio system is an option that lets you listen to music from an iPhone or iPod through a pair of 30-watt speakers – all of which is controlled right from the handlebar pad. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“At higher speeds – closer to 70, by the reckoning of a digital speedometer I could scarcely see because of the wind and stinging raindrops buffeting my face and causing my lips to ripple and my sunglasses to make a rattling sound � the 310 still cut straight through the slop, feeling a lot less sketchy than I thought it should have. The catch at that speed is to make all of your inputs gradual ones, no matter what happens,” according to Jalopnik.