Keebcard Keychain Pong Game
What is a KeebCard? It’s basically a tiny keychain computer, or to be more specific, a low-power mechanical switch trinket that is designed around a 128×32 pixel OLED screen and run off a watch battery. In addition to being able to play Pong, it can also be used as an interactive switch tester, LED business card, or just about anything else you can think of. Read more for a video and additional information.

Or, it can be used as a great introduction to assembling keyboard kits, learning how to solder surface mount components, or even low-level, resource-restricted programming. Currently, its creator, “Brostafarian” on Reddit, is offering a group buy for the KeebCard, which includes a PCB in white with all components included (except for switches and caps, which can be added on), all for $14 + shipping. More information.