Largest Neutrino Telescope Russia Lake Baikal
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Russia has successfully deployed the Baikal neutrino telescope (Baikal-GVD), the largest in the Northern hemisphere. Scientists plan to use this tool to better understand the processes of emergence and evolution of the universe. This floating observatory, which consists strings with spherical glass and stainless steel modules attached to them, was lowered to a depth of 2,500-4,300 feet, around 2.48-miles from the lake’s shore. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Capable of detecting neutrinos coming through the Earth, it will pick up many atmospheric neutrinos created by cosmic rays interacting with the atmosphere, as opposed to cosmic neutrinos which give clues to cosmic events and are therefore of far greater interest to physicists.

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We expect that our colleagues will make their contribution, we will all together understand the Universe, we will reveal its history, how galaxies were born,” said Valery Falkov, Russia’s Minister of Science and Higher Education.