Lazareth Wazuma V8F

Priced at $250,000USD, the Lazareth Wazuma V8F Matte Edition is a quad that belongs in the garage of Bruce Wayne. It’s powered by a 3.0L V8 Ferrari engine, mated to a handlebar controlled 6-speed sequential gear box sourced from a BMW M3. To help stop this beast, Lazareth went with Brembo brake calipers attached to four 324mm rotors, and 285-30ZR18 slicks in the front, along with even beefier 315-30ZR18 slicks in the rear. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The engine was likely extracted from a Ferrari Dino or 308. France-based Lazareth won’t tell us how fast it is, but the entire vehicle weighs in at just 650kg, giving it a power to weight ratio of almost 384hp per tonne, so it’s definitely no slouch. If Wazuma sounds familiar, it’s because the company previously built a BMW V12-powered version that packed a whopping 500-horsepower.