An alleged leaked video of a projector test at WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developer Conference) 2014 shows off the rumored iPhone 6, complete with new casing. The image above is purported to show the official iPhone 6 rear casing, and here’s what Macfixit has to say: “We have just received from our contact in China a photo of what seems to be the back of an iPhone 6. We believe the picture to be genuine as we have received leaked product pics in the past that have also proven to be legitimate after official Apple product launches.” Continue reading for the video and more information.

According to Apple Insider, however, the date could be little more than an informed guess: The date is consistent with Apple’s recent launches, making it likely an educated guess. Apple historically launches its new iPhone models on Fridays, and Sept. 19 does fall on a Friday this year. Apple also began selling its latest smartphones during the same week last year, as the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c both became available on Sept. 20.”

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