File this under: ” Cool LEGO Gadgets” A Japanese LEGO builder has created a fully-automatic book scanner. See it in action after the jump.

Scanning a book involves picking up the book from the scanner carefully so that you won’t change the current pages, and turning pages precisely…our sophisticated biomachienery owe a lot to evolution. Without its support, the activities are far too difficult for robots

[via HackedGadgets]



How it works
* The Glider is wound up, The Shuttle is at the right position.
* The Shuttle moves to the left.
* The Glider winds down until it touches the book.
* The Shuttles moves to the right. The Glider, touching the book, filps the page.
* The Glider winds up.
* The Balance is lift up. The computer detects the event and sends message to the scanner.
* The machiene pauses for 35 seconds, while the scannaer is working.
* The Balance lifts down.
* Repeat