File this under: ” strange Lego creations” This fully functional Lego Macintosh took months of hard work and nearly 500 blocks to build. Since its mainly used as a web server, only the essential parts are included. It’s an oldie but goodie. Specs after the jump.

Technical detailsPowerPC 603e, 100MHz32MB RAM750MB 2.5″ hard diskATAPI Expansion bayCDROMFloppy disk driveEthernet 10BaseTtwo free PCMCIA slotsSCSI, ADB, serial, audio in, audio out portsSupports SCSI disk modeCurrently running Mac OS 8.1The connector on the logic board for the LCD screen is damaged and not repairable. However, a Focus Lapis card provides both external video and 10BaseT ethernet.Height: 19.5cmWidth: 20.5cmDepth: 6cm


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