LeverAxe Smart Ax

Heikki Karna, a retired air traffic controller from Finland, was tired of traditional axes because they are “dangerous and hard to work with.” So, he created the LeverAxe, which sports a handle made of engineering compound, characterized by high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal resistance. That’s not all, it’s hollow inside, making the LeverAxe even lighter, thus allowing you to easily build speed when in action. Unlike traditional axes, the head is attached from the side, not the center, which alters its center of gravity. After you hit a log, the head will break in few millimeters and then stops. At the same time counterweight on the right side of the head forces the axe to fall sideways, splitting the log apart with ease. Continue reading for an ultra slow motion video of it in-action.

“The new axe head will be made of iron alloy, which enables us to produce more complicated products in one step but also offer excellent wear resistance in later use. Regarding the design we will keep all the proven features like the side hook, which will clamp on the log after the swing, thus reducing the risk of hitting yourself,” reports the team.

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