Levi's Trucker Jacket Jacquard Google
Back in 2017, Google revealed their Jacquard-powered clothing line, a project from the company’s ATAP division. It started with the idea of making it simple to interact with your devices through clothing, or by simply touching the fabric. This week, Google announced their updated Jacquard Tag, which is smaller than a stick of gum and has a 2-week battery life, making it even more unobtrusive in these new connected products. Read more for a video and additional information.

How does it work? Just pair the tag with the newly re-designed Jacquard app and personalize your Jacquard-enabled wardrobe to do what you would like. Features include a notification system for rideshare services, as different vibrations will occur in the cuff to alert you of how far the car is and when it’s arrived. Another interesting feature is the camera function, which enables users to remotely control the shutter on their smartphone, making it perfect for selfies.