Darth Vader Car

Here’s another look at the life-sized Hot Wheels car modeled after Darth Vader’s helmet. Not just an empty shell, this vehicle is powered by Chevy-sourced LS3 V8 engine that generates 526-horsepower, giving the car plenty of oomph on the streets. There’s also a twin-tip, center exiting exhaust out back for a nice growl. Continue reading for two videos, including a making of.

“It was based on the C5 Chevrolet Corvette and weighs about 50% lighter than the actual Corvette. If you think that this car is for display only, then you are wrong. The Darth Vader car has been road-tested and can reach a speed of up to 80-mph cruise. According to PCW Brands CEO, Billy Hammon, the car can reach a speed of up to 150-mph,” according to Vroom Vroom Vroom.

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