K-2SO Cosplay

Sure, there are plenty of cosplayers who have dressed up as K-2SO, but Star Wars costume and prop builder Darren Moser has created a life-sized version of the droid from Rogue One. This towering creation is actually meant to be puppeted, and in the video above, he demonstrates the joint and linkage systems used to bring this character to life. Continue reading for a making of video and more information.

“Using PVC pipe and black sculpted foam, Moser is on his way to having a screen accurate K-2SO that he can walk around with at conventions. The head is 3D printed based on a replica that he found online, and inside of it is a wireless camera that feeds a video signal to an iPad on the back of the droid that allows Moser to see where he’s going. To make the puppeteering look a little more natural, Moser will dress up as an Imperial officer, making it look like he’s just there doing some work, looking for Rebel scum,” reports Slash Film.


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