Comprised of 250,000 bricks and weighing a massive 70kg – 80 kg, this replica of London’s Olympic Park was recreated with only LEGO by Warren Elsmore. It took him approximately 300-hours to complete and “features all the standout venues and structures: from Anish Kapoor’s Orbit, to the swooping roof of the Aquatics Centre and, of course, the grand Olympic Stadium.” Continue reading for more pictures and information.

What’s perhaps most impressive is that there was no pre-design or visualisation. That’s testament to Elsmore’s abilities with the miniature bricks; the result of a lifetime’s work of crafting mini model structures. He told us that if he had designed the Park in advance that it would have taken at least twice as long to build, and that as it already takes some eight weeks to receive his bags of Lego direct from the Danish company that the time just wasn’t available.

Despite the waiting time, the structures are built using standard, off-the-shelf Lego bricks. Not one of the pieces has been specially crafted for this project – impressive when considering the curving detail of the Orbit structure, yet more obvious when looking at some of the crude elements.

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