Photo credit: Phoebe Cheong
Brooklyn-based startup Looking Glass Factory specializes in hologram technology and the Looking Glass Pro is their latest creation. Not just a display, this is actually an all-in-one gaming PC designed for visualizing 3D content on its innovative lenticular display. The embedded 4K display renders various views and displays them out as lower-resolution slices so users can see the onscreen content in volumetric 60fps 3D without requiring special glasses. Two caveats: it’ll set you back a hefty $6,000 and it ships in July. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

“The hardware is focused on ensuring that you can cue up content and live-render it as users manipulate the content or change views with the on-board touch controls. The Looking Glass Pro integrates an Intel NUC 8 VR mini PC running Windows as well as a 7″ secondary touch panel screen that flips out from the side to make navigating the PC a bit easier, though that process still seems to be a tad janky at the moment,” reports Tech Crunch.

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