Iron Man Indonesia

Wayan Sutawan has earned the title of “Indonesia’s Iron Man” after building a robotic device that enables him to control his paralyzed left arm with just his thoughts. The father of three spent months working on this device using scrap metal as well as the knowledge he gained during his mechanical engineering studies in high school. The final product consists of a strap-on mechanism for his paralyzed limb connected to a headband that reads his brainwaves and transmits commands. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“In a video report by Indonesia’s Kompas TV, Sutawan is seen strapping the device on to his left arm and covering his left hand with a thick rubber glove. He then puts on the headband, and after a moment’s concentration, the arm miraculously jerks to life. He is then able to use the paralyzed hand to perform delicate tasks. He’s also able to lift up to 10 kilograms of weight with the device on his left arm,” according to Oddity Central.


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