Man Saved Shrapnel Paris Attacks Phone

Photo credit: Mail Online

A man who survived an explosion near the Stade de France amid the Paris terror attacks said that his smartphone saved his life by blocking flying shrapnel from a suicide bombing. “I was crossing the street and straight away, boom, it exploded right in front of me. Everything was blown to bits and I felt stuff flying around and I left, I fell and then I got back up. So this is the cell phone that took the hit, it’s what saved me. Otherwise my head would have been blown to bits,” said Sylvestre. Continue reading for the video and more information.

Reports claim the first terrorist detonated the explosive device while trying to enter Gate J of the Stade de France stadium, and two minutes later, a second blast echoed through the stadium. One of the bombs was detonated near a McDonald’s restaurant on the fringes of the stadium, which is due to host the European Championship in seven months’ time.

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