DeLorean Police

Auto enthusiast Nigel Mills was caught doing 89 mph (143 km/h) in a DMC-12 on the road, and unfortunately, did not manage to travel back in time. However, he did get stopped by police. “I wasn’t trying to time travel. It was at 11am on Sunday and the road was completely clear. I was being prosecuted for going 89mph (143 km/h) in a DeLorean, wasn’t something special meant to happen at 88mph (141 km/h),” said Mills. Fortunately, he fought the speeding ticket in court, and had it thrown out after the cops who ticketed him didn’t show. Continue reading for a video explaining how to get yourself a brand new DeLorean and for more information.

“Why should I pay this speeding fine while they would get away with it? I’m pleased at the result, but I wish that the police could do a better job when it comes to real crimes against people,” added Mills.

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