VR Mario Kart

Photo credit: Engadget

The HTC VIVE system is cool enough by itself, but pair it with Mario Kart VR? You’ve got an arcade racing game taken to the next level. It can be played at Shinjuku’s Bandai Namco VR Zone arcade and costs $39 USD per ticket, which lets you choose between four VR experiences, one of which is Mario Kart GP VR. The car boasts a force-feedback steering wheel, and the entire car rocks with the gameplay, complete with wind effects. Continue reading for two more gameplay videos and information.

“What you’re waiting to hear is that this is an incredible experience. And, well, it really, really is. The sense of scale is phenomenal, whether you’re dodging giant Piranha Plants or being overtaken by a colossal Bowser. Although the graphics aren’t technically much more advanced than the Mario Kart arcade games, it’s hard to convey just how immersive it feels in VR,” according to The Verge.