Marvel Legends Animatronic Deadpool Head
Many long running Halloween events may have been canceled this year due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. How so? Pick up the Marvel Legends Deadpool Premium Interactive Head. This app-enhanced animatronic comes complete with over 600 different sounds, effects, and phrases to entertain you all day and well into the night. It features multiple sensors and motors for expressive movement, creating the illusion that you’re actually talking to Wade Wilson. Read more for two videos and additional information.

When paired with the free Deadpool app, users can activate the head to play pranks, hurl insults, or even as an alarm to wake you up in the morning. One caveat: it requires four 1.5V C batteries to power up rather than a rechargeable lithium-ion. Available September 1st, priced at just $99.99.

Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head Premium Interactive, Moving, Talking Electronic, App-Enhanced Adult Collectible, with 600+ SFX and Phrases
  • IT’S, LIKE, SO PREMIUM, YOU GUYS: Have you ever wanted to own a piece of me, Deadpool? Now you can, you lucky stiff. This Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head Premium Interactive Head is your ticket to nerd supremacy
  • MY HEAD MOVES TO AND FRO, LIKE A BALLERINA: Hath a Deadpool’s Head not eyes? It does! And it’s filled with motors and sensors, for all that sweet sweet expressive movement and interactivity! Just like your head, I assume
  • THE SUITS TOLD ME TO TELL YOU THERE ARE OVER 600 SOUNDS AND PHRASES (in English only): It’s important for you to know that Deadpool’s Head talks a lot, unlike what happened in that movie we absolutely can’t reference by name. You know the one
  • APP ENHANCED FOR YOUR PLEASURE: Using my free app (that’s right, no excuses) you can get me to do and say a bunch of [CENSORED], jokes, pranks, and insults! (App in English only)
  • LET’S INTERACT, BABY: With all these amaaaaazing features, I bet you can’t wait to click the little button and add me to your cart