McLaren F1 Black

McLaren Special Operations is offering a pristine-condition F1 from their vaults for a whopping $10-million, and considering only 106 were built, with 64 being street-legal, the price doesn’t sound all that bad. This particular Carbon Black specimen from 1998 is chassis no.069, and has less than 2,800-miles on the odometer, complete with a serially numbered McLaren F1 manual and limited edition owner’s watch. Continue reading for an F1 vs. P1 showdown video and more information.

“Powered by BMW’s 6.1-litre V12 engine nested in an engine bay lined with gold, the McLaren F1 offers 627hp in the world’s first road car to feature a full carbon chassis. To this day it remains the world’s fastest naturally-aspirated production car, after setting a top speed of 390.7km/h (242mph),” according to Car Scoops.