Future Truck 2025

Here’s another look at the futuristic Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025, which not only features a Star Trek-inspired cockpit, but autonomous driving as well. It’s equipped with radar sensors and camera technology that work together when the “Highway Pilot” system is turned on. A radar sensor installed in the lower area of the front end scans the road up ahead in both long (250 meters) as well as short (70 meters) ranges, while a stereo camera above the instrument panel scans 100 meters ahead. This stereo camera is capable of identifying single or two-lane roads, stationary or moving objects, pedestrians, as well as any other objects within the monitored area. Click here for more pictures of the FT 2025. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Step inside the cabin and you will notice an “almost puristic” design with an uncluttered layout combined with natural materials to create a relaxing environment. When traveling in autonomous mode, the driver can recline his seat and turn it by 45 degrees to adopt a more comfortable working position while using the removable tablet,” reports Motor-1.