Sleek and stylish, the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series was designed to turn heads both on and off the road. It’s based on the SLS AMG GT3 race car and boasts a 6.2L V8 that generates 622bhp and o 469lb-ft of torque, all in a package that weighs 3417-pounds. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.


The search for performance doesn’t end at the Black Series’ exhaust manifold, either. AMG has developed a titanium exhaust for the Black Series that weighs just 37 pounds, cutting just over 28 pounds from the old steel system. It has mufflers in the center and at the rear of the car and uses fan-type exhaust pipes for less backpressure and improved responsiveness.

AMG has also taken extraordinary steps to help the handling, including lowering its seven-speed DCT transmission nearly 0.5 inch into the chassis and integrating smaller versions of the engine’s gas strut to keep the gearbox locked in place regardless of the torque load on it.


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