Meteoroid Florida Sky
A stunning blue-green fireball lit up the skies over Northern Florida on Saturday night, and the meteoroid was reported around 11:52 p.m. over Taylor County, according to the National Weather Service’s Tallahassee office. The flash was so bright that it was picked up on weather satellites typically used to track thunderstorms and lightning, with the NWS posting a photo where the fireball was picked up by the GOES Lightning Mapper. “It basically has a global lightning mapper and picks out bright cloud flashes from lightning when we have thunderstorms,” said Kelly Godsey, a NWS meteorologist. Read more for two videos and additional information.

For those in the Tallahassee area, the meteoroid would have appeared as a brief 5 seconds of illumination between about 11:52 and 11:54 p.m. “It was like someone turned on the stadium lights. I look up and there is this bluish green flash. It almost looks like daylight. It lasted it felt like seconds. The second my brain wanted me to say ‘what is that?’, it was over,” said a Tallahassee resident.