Mifram Security Vehicle Barrier

Whether it be combat zones, camps, or civilian uses, Mifram Security’s modular vehicle barrier is a non-lethal solution that helps stop vehicles and assists vehicular control in seconds, without destroying them. They can be installed in just about any length required to create a barrier adapted for numerous wide road widths according to users intend application. Plus, it’s even effective against vehicles that have run-flat protection fitted as opposed to spike systems. Read more for another video and additional information.

The Modular Vehicle Barrier can be used in different terrains and weather conditions. It’s especially effective on rocky, sandy, rough terrain. When not in use, it can be stored away, as the barrier folds up to conserve storage space and allow for easy access. How does it work? A special L-shaped design acts to block trucks and can stop vehicles by transferring the vehicles horizontal momentum to vertical momentum. It then directs the momentum downwards into the ground in order to drastically reduce or terminate it forward momemtum. Its innovative pivot system allows the barrier to be used as a swing gate for vehicle inspection or allowing emergency service vehicles to move in or out of event areas. More information.