Mike Hudson Van Dog Traveller

Previously a systems engineer Mike Hudson decided to quit his job and break everyday routines for a life filled with the unknown. After giving away most of his worldly possessions, he started converting a rundown, 10-year-old van into a mobile home he calls “Vandog”. It took approximately 5-months of hard work to turn the rundown LDV Convoy into a livable home, complete with a timber-lined interior with an extendable bed, a large hammock, small office area, lots of storage space, a sound system, refrigerator, a gas burner, sink, a shower, toilet, a pressurized water system (hot water on demand), and even solar-powered LED lighting. An LPG cylinder stores gasoline (used for power) that can be refilled cheaply at petrol stations. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and information.

“In March 2014, after completing his van, Hudson drove Vandog from his native Hull to the south of England, where he boarded a ferry and crossed the pond. Since then, he has traveled all over Europe, driving across countries like France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Austria. The 25-year-old traveler shows no signs of slowing down his whirlwind adventure, as he wishes to continue experiencing all that life has to offer from the comfort of his wonderful, mobile home,” says My Modern Met.


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