Million Dollar Game Collection
Dentist and video game collector Eric Naierman spent $1.02-million on a recent trip to Denver, and it wasn’t for a vacation home, but rather 40 classic video games. These aren’t just any games you can find at garage sales, as all of them are factory sealed, and most are first-edition releases that a third-party grading company graded one of a kind. Read more for a video showing some of these graded video games and additional information.

While graded video games are nothing new, receiving black box, sticker-sealed games receiving ratings above 9.0 are most certainly ultra rare. Some of the titles that Naierman picked up include sticker-sealed, black-box NES copies of “Mario Bros.” arcade edition (1986), “Golf” (1985), the only known copy of “Balloon Fight” (1986) and the only known copy of “Gumshoe” (1986).

These are some of the holy grails and cream of the crop in terms of having this historic value,” said Deniz Kahn, president and chief executive of Wata Games, which specializes in grading vintage video games and evaluated the items Naierman obtained.


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