Here’s a mind-blowing look at Iguazu Falls, also known as James Cameron’s Avatar on Earth. It’s located inside Iguazí National Park is a national park of Argentina, located in the Iguazí Department, in the north of the province of Misiones, Argentine Mesopotamia.” Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.


The fauna of the park includes several endangered species: jaguar, jaguarundi, South American Tapir, Ocelot, tirica, anteater, pavas de monte, the Harpy Eagle, and the Yacare Caiman. One can also find birds like the vencejo de cascada and large toucans, mammals like the coatí, and a diversity of butterflies. The Vinaceous Amazon, named for its wine-colored plumage, is found in this park.

The Iguazí River ends in the Paraná River 23 km beyond the falls, after a 1320 km course. Inside the park it becomes up to 1,500 m wide and turns first south, then north, forming a large U-shape. Its banks are densely populated by trees, including the ceibo (Cockspur coral tree), whose flower is Argentina’s national flower. The flora of the park also features lapacho negro and lapacho amarillo (family Bignoniaceae), as well as palmito trees and the 40-metre-high palo rosa (family Apocynaceae).


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